JUNE 2014 - Present
Cigna Travel Insurance Ltd
Development of an API based solution to enable Travel Insurance Comparison Sites (Aggregators) to request quotations and make purchases through the Legacy GIOS quote systems. The system is currently rolled out to AA Travel Insurance, GO Travel Insurance and 1Stop Travel.

MARCH 2014 - JUNE 2014
Design and developed the fiind mobile app, webservices and website. fiind is a free app that enables you to locate the best eBay deals near to their current position or chosen location.

NOV 2013 - MARCH 2014
Cigna Travel Insurance Ltd
Design, development, and deployment of a cross-platform mobile App as part of a travel insurance offering.

JULY 2013 - NOV 2013
Cigna Insurance Ltd
Consulting on design and branding of white label travel insurance solutions for major brands such as Sainsburys, The AA, P&O Ferries, Admiral, Confused and Halifax.

APRIL 2013 - JULY 2013
Responsible for all design and development of the TrialPilot technical offering, completed all projects on time and to budget.

MARCH 2013 - APRIL 2013
Broadstone Chamber of Trade and Commerce.
Designed and developed a 'Virtual Village' business directory for a local Chamber of Commerce. Responsible for all aspects of design and implemention. The site is slated for release on the 5th of May 2013.

FEB 2013 - APRIL 2013
Designed and developed a 'Contextual App' offering. Involved in all aspects of strategy, scoping, specification, design and development. eventy is an in-house project that launched in April 2013.

AUGUST 2012 - FEB 2013
Cigna - FirstAssist
Design and develop all aspects of the mobile travel insurance offering. Responsible for scoping, specifications, wireframing, design and implementation of front-end and back-end work. Created a central WebService for connectivity between the application and the Orcale based GIOS backend.

Mentored internal web development team in all aspects of mobile design and MVC best practices.

MAY 2012 - AUGUST 2012
Legal & General
Consolidate legacy Javascript and Style Sheets across all L&G websites and make significant improvements to old, and out-dated code.

FEB 2012 - MAY 2012
Designed & developed all aspects of the Go Doo task management application. Go Doo is written in HTML5, Javascript, CSS2/3 and is deployed on web, iOS and Android. Go Doo utilises jqMobi, as a jQuery replacement, and is deployed as a native mobile app using Appmobi services.

The Go Doo backend operates on a Linux platform running NodeJS and MongoDB.

DECEMBER 2011 - FEB 2012
Tasked with implementation of the new UI designs utilising xForms and XSLT. To design and develop a Proof Of Concept mobile app that enables insurance agents to produce quotations in the field.

JULY 2011 - DECEMBER 2011
Built, deployed and supported application templates for a Percussion Rhythmyx Content Management System deployment into Legal & General.

APRIL 2011 - JULY 2011
In-house work converting our online Football Management game into a Facebook application - utlising Facebook Social and Credits APIs.

OCTOBER 2010 - APRIL 2011
Bespoke application development for a Bath (UK) based publishing house to architect and build prototype, beta and release versions of an HTML5 based scrap-blog.

AUGUST 2010 - OCTOBER 2010
Selected by a new technology start-up to architect and build the initial version of the platform from the product specification within budget and on time.

TMNML was launched in January 2011.

MARCH 2010 - AUGUST 2010
Selected by a new technology start-up to build a web application from the initial specification, design and implement supporting infrastructure.

Truzzd was launched in July 2010.

AUGUST 2008 - JANUARY 2010
Selected by a successful technology start-up to design and build a highly scalable social networking site focussed on Football. Responsible for the technical design and creation of the application, databases, server architecture design and implementation.

Goalrun was successfully launched in 2009 and currently tracks 15 Million impressions per month.

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